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Top 7 Online Stores For Curated Home Goods 2021

Online shopping has never been hotter, even for home goods consumers used to prefer investigating in person before buying. These days, many innovative, high-quality retailers are vying for online customers’ attention. Together, they’re shattering the mold - and expectations - of the home goods industry at large.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most innovative, dependable, and unique online stores in 2021 for curated home goods. No matter what you’re looking for, these retailers have the goods (literally) to give you more than you bargained for - in the best kind of way:

1. Etsy

If buying from local artisans is your thing, but you’re in no position to spend an arm and a leg, Etsy remains the favorite. Nearly any specialty item you imagine probably exists somewhere in their marketplace; all you have to do is find it. Etsy’s relatively light on standardized regulations, however, which is good for creativity but means quality and delivery time can both be wildcards. Always check a seller’s user rating and any applicable reviews before you buy.

2. Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma is about as iconic a name as it gets when it comes to home goods retailers, and for a good reason. It rose to prominence by defining a uniquely Californian cool to kitchens around the world. While many items command a premium price tag, Williams Sonoma also has moderately enough priced accessories to make everyone happy.

Its range expands into the bathroom, storage, and outdoor options, making the retailer the all-around gold standard for priming your home for entertaining. The site also has a rich selection of recipes and blog topics - so even if you’re not ready to splurge on a new gold & marble fruit bowl, it’s always a good idea to visit.

3. Revioly

On the flip side, Revioly’s a younger addition to the online market, but its popularity is growing at a rapid pace. Its model is innovative compared to the older names here and offers users the opportunity to unlock the most exclusive pricing on some seriously high-quality items.

Simply navigate Revioly’s marketplace to find the item you’re interested in, and buy it through the link to another site, whether Etsy, Williams Sonoma, Wayfair, Macy’s, or a host of other big box retailers. You receive hefty cashback rewards directly to your Paypal account in exchange for a genuine review of what you buy, and it also helps make the world of online reviews a lot more honest. It’s a win/win for you and for the brands themselves.

4. Citizenry

The citizenry has a mission to source ethically and gives back to its curated artisans. The store travels the world to find unique products that meet its standards, paying its workers a living wage and giving a percentage of its profits back to their communities.

Selection is limited, but that’s all part of Citizenry’s draw: carefully-curated small-batch items you won’t find elsewhere. Prices can run steep (bed linen bundles start at over $450), but if you consider rare a quality worth paying extra for, you’ll be in heaven with some of these finds.

5. One Kings Lane

Born from a strict interior design focus, One Kings Lane features luxury furniture and accessories that are seriously swoon-worthy. From pillows to picture lights, you can expect to shell out some big money if you want the room of your dreams. However - the good news is that by the end, you really might have the room of your dreams. For those with tighter budgets, keep checking the site for warehouse sales that offer discounts as high as 50% off.

6. Saks Fifth Avenue

This household name in luxury doesn’t just cater to fashion & fragrances - they also have a robust selection of home goods. Unsurprisingly, most of them fit premium budgets - right down to the $1,060 Montblanc desk pens. But if name brands and limited editions are your taste, Saks’ site will have plenty to satisfy you. For those looking to score deals, check out their Home Improvement & Organization section, which has several items that make a big statement without making a big dent in your wallet.

7. JoyBird

Finally, Joybird has become a cult-favorite online store for its furniture-forward selection of home goods, all unified by a sleek, Mid-Century style. Items are carefully crafted and, like Citizenry, tend to be small-batch but also hover around more-attainable price points. If you’re looking for something classic that probably still costs less than it looks, Joybird should satisfy you.

In Closing

Whether it’s the crowd-pleasing inventory of Etsy, the sliding-scale luxury of Saks, Williams Sonoma, and One Kings Lane, the small-batch uniqueness of Citizenry & Joybird, or the premium innovation of Revioly, there’s something for everyone above. So, no matter your mission or price point, it’s worth browsing until you find exactly what you’re looking for - or until you find something you never knew you wanted. Depending on the retailer, you might even get it for a price worth raving about.

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