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Revioly's Free Google Chrome Shopping Extension

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The Free Revioly Google Chrome Shopping Extension

Download link: here

Extension Overview Welcome to Revioly's Google Chrome Shopping Extension — The free desktop browser tool that makes your shopping decisions smarter and more reliable, no matter where you shop online.

Let's take a quick tour. Starting with the global pricing feature. You can use the global pricing feature to find the most updated prices of your favorite product online, so you can choose where to buy it and save the most money.

Next, let's see what the true rating feature is. Whenever you are on a product page on any retailer, instead of getting muddled by 1000s of potentially biased reviews and ratings, the true rating will show you the real rating of the product based upon the authentic reviews being posted for that product online.

When you click there, you can read all of the authentic verified reviews left by actual shoppers that are collected from all over the internet displayed right on the product page. Plus, we show the most important attributes of every product that each review includes... great for making an informed purchasing decision. And if you don't have time to read those authentic reviews one by one, no problem.

We have summarized them in one short, informative summary review along with all valuable photos and videos provided by your fellow trusted online shoppers who actually purchased and used this product before you. Say goodbye to misleading Five Star products that end up broken in your dumpster shortly after the purchase.

So there you have it, a quick start guide to the free Revioly Google Chrome Shopping Extension. Download this chrome extension and unlock your access to reliable shopping on any product page online. Information and download at Chrome Webstore.

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