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Revioly's Ranking System

Step 1. Preliminary list: List all products that fit into a chosen Revioly product type sub-category, such as earbud headphones under $50.

Note. The reason for this categorization is to make the most meaningful comparison between the products with the closest market segment.

Step 2. Primary Filter: Products with the following specifications won't pass this filter:

  • No rating (minimum of 1 rating is necessary)

  • Out of Stock

  • No brand

  • Sold exclusively in conditions other than new

  • Dropshipped

  • Extra variations per page (only one product per page is approved)

Step 3. Data Extraction: Post-filter products will undergo WES, as a result of which comprehensive data about the products, their reviews, reviewers, sales, etc., get extracted.

Step 4. Data Analysis: Products' latest 140 reviews and their reviewers undergo Revioly's AI-empowered technology called CRAFT (Consumer Review Analyzing Framework Technology). The outcome is:

  • The authentic reviews

  • Revioly-certified reviews

  • The "True Rating": the actual rating of each product originated from the authentic reviews

  • Reliability rate: the ratio of authentic reviews to the total

  • Satisfaction rate: Happy vs. neutral vs. unhappy former customers

  • Major complaints: The main dissatisfaction reasons learned from the authentic reviews by former shoppers.

  • Major compliments: The main satisfaction reasons learned from the authentic reviews by former shoppers

Step 5. Scoring & Ranking: Products receive a score between 0 to 100 through a proprietary combination of "True Rating," rating count, unhappy customers, reliability rate, and sales rank.

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