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Guest Blogging on Revioly _ Guideline

For any business, there is nothing more important than the content being used on its website. Please make sure to read our blog guidelines carefully before submitting a request:

● Must include a title no longer than ten words.

● Must be at least 1,400 words or more in length.

● Must provide first-hand value to our audience (eCommerce businesses) and adds something new to the existing range of content available online.

● All post content (at least partially) must cover the topics related to the online reviews.

● It should include images and graphics that support your topic. (copyright free, of course).

● The post must be informative and include actionable takeaways for eCommerce businesses.

● A well-written blog post needs to be broken down into sections and subsections with short sentences! Try to keep it as low as 300 words per section.

● Provide a short author biography and a headshot (feel free to provide a link to your website & social media).

● Revioly reserves the right to modify and edit the submitted materials at its discretion. Revioly also reserves the right to reject articles that require heavy editing or modification.


● The content you submit must be your original work and cannot have been published elsewhere.

● Revioly fights for authenticity; as a result, any blogs that promote inauthentic ways of doing business are forbidden.

● Must not include sales pitches as we’re looking for unbiased and valuable content for our audience; you can add a link to your website (as long as they are in the right places and not being overused).

● All materials submitted to Revioly are subject to a royalty-free, exclusive license to publish, excerpt, edit, modify and repurpose your content as needed (effective the day your content is published to the site). This license cannot be revoked or modified after you have chosen to submit your content.

Please feel free to send your request to Please include your topic(s) of interest and a small bio about yourself. Also, please get in touch with the same email if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

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