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5 Best eBook Readers Chosen by AI_ 2023

Ghosts live in libraries; many sci-fi films confirm it. For the younger generation, a library is a spooky place with shelves full of dust-collecting books. Before venturing into the haunted library, you may want to watch “Ghostbusters”. Beware: ghosts’ faces are uglier than most of your in-laws. If it’s beyond your fear threshold but you still want to increase your brain power, read all about it using an eBook Reader.

This post will introduce you to the highest-quality eBook readers in the market in 2023. Revioly’s Artificial Intelligence, Craft, delved into every available ebook reader on Amazon, authenticated and analyzed their reviews, and finally scored and ranked them. In the list below, you'll get to know rank 5 - 1 from the "100 Best" List. To learn more about how Revioly’s ranking system works, click here.

{This blog is NOT SPONSORED by any of the listed brands and is conducted by AI}

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of superlatives.

Rank 5

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Essential (Fabric Cover)

rScore: 79.23 /100

True rating

Average price


Special features

Kindle Wifi, Fabric cover, Power adapter

Unhappy shoppers


Main compliments

Easy to hold

Main complaints

Weight, Quality of material


Rank 4

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (32GB)