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10 Easy Home Décor Ideas To Transform Your Home

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Since 2020, most of us have spent significantly more time at home than anticipated. Day in, day out - same bedroom, living room, kitchen, and everything else. After a while, it can all start to feel a little stale. Hitting the refresh button doesn’t have to mean moving to a whole new home, however. In fact, it doesn’t even mean a significant renovation.

Sometimes transforming the space, you live in is as easy as switching up a few simple elements or even just one. With the décor ideas we’ve collected below, you can refresh your home without busting down a wall - or busting your budget, for that matter. In addition to showing you how to revamp your space, we’ll show you how to think outside the box and do it for less.

1. Book Smart

Our first décor idea may not involve buying new furniture at all, depending on what you already have. Creating a reading nook might be as easy as moving chairs or a couch from your current set-up into a corner angle that supports a private escape.

If you don’t currently have a set-up that supports that, we recommend a Plush texture (even a bean bag or the suitable pillows will do) and a small side table - that’s it! By carving out a simple space in the room just for reading, you’ll add loads of dimension that may not look dramatic but will undoubtedly deliver drama, especially when you’re gasping over that next page-turner.

2. Scrambling For Ideas

To expand on the last idea more broadly, you can reset your entire space anytime by switching up your furniture arrangement. Move your dining area next to the window or the television to the opposite wall - whatever configuration you’re dreaming up, simply try it out. Rearranging furniture is a fast and easy way to transform any room into a new room; no new purchases are required (except dinner for whoever’s helping you push and lift).

3. Think (And Buy) Outside The Box

Before we move on to any ideas requiring new purchases, it’s important to note that whatever you buy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Skip the fancy retail stores and opt instead for savvy online shortcuts that never sacrifice quality for thrift.

One of our new favorites is Revioly, which often offers a wide range of all the home goods mentioned here. Revioly lists products you’ll find at many big-name retailers but allows its community of users to unlock exclusive pricing just for reviewing what they buy. Browse their selection & you might find it’s a quick way to transform your space with premium items you won’t find at a better price anywhere else.

4. Get Rugged

Assuming you have hardwood floors (or really anything besides carpet), one simple rug can completely flip your room’s vibe for the better. Make sure it’s full of complementary colors to pair with your current set-up; clashing patterns are even delicate, so long as they make sense. A final tip if you’re looking to make your room feel larger - opt for white or light colors in whatever rug you land on. It will open the whole room up and make it feel brighter.

5. Reflect & Grow

Speaking of opening up your space, nothing grows a room faster than adding a mirror and doubling your eyes’ perception of it. Opt for an intricate antique if you’re looking to add character or go big. You can even prop it against a wall in the right environment - no need to mount it.

6. Make A Statement - Vertically

Mirrors aren’t the only way to utilize your vertical space. Statement walls are as on-trend as it gets right now, namely because they’re highly customizable, light on your budget, and often easy to create.

You can stick to simply painting your wall - either by fully color-blocking it, designing patterns, or even creating a mural (for the true artists out there) - but adding texture can help transform your space. You can install plywood to create a bookshelf or go for something more avant-garde, like mounting and painting a complete set of plates to the wall. Whatever statement you’re making, just make it yours.

7. Get Shady

The right window shades can amplify and accent the natural light in any room and give your home’s daytime vibe a new layer of personality. If you opt for colored or patterned shades, they’ll keep the character going at night too. Just make sure your measurements are exact - the vibe you’re going for can be ruined by shades that are too long or too short.

8. When In Doubt, Go Green

Plants add more than a casual accent to any space - they can make your whole room feel livelier, not just because they make the air nicer. Place them as statements in the middle of a table, or hang them next to windows to add color and a lived-in warmth to your home. They make any room feel more inviting to guests and far less sterile for you.

9. Get Enlightened

Lighting is everything; ask any director. New lighting can completely change the feeling of a room the same way it can change the tone of a scene you’re watching, and if you choose the suitable lamp or fixtures, it doesn’t even have to cost a Hollywood budget. Once you flip the switch, you might find yourself living in a whole new room without moving a thing.

10. Seasonal Change

Finally, don’t be afraid to switch out accents from season to season. Dense & layered bedspreads or tablecloths for Fall or Winter can give way to lighter, breezier versions for Spring and Summer. Similarly, you can rotate art, books, and nearly any small items to reflect the season and keep your rooms feeling fresh.

In Closing

So, there you have it - 10 easy ways to reverse stagnation and make any space feel new again. Think small or think big, but you never have to think expensively. Explore your own taste, challenge your ideas of what works, and stick to savvy solutions like Revioly. to get maximum benefits with minimum hassle. Re-invention doesn’t have to be grueling to be rewarding.