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Reza Lavasani, the CEO of Revioly, in the office.webp

Our Purpose

Every minute in the US, over 1100 products are purchased based on misleading reviews.

We all know about the importance of reviews in online shopping _after all, they are the digital twin of trusted word of mouth_ and we've all heard about fake reviews. As unfair as it looks, many brands find their way into your shopping cart by manipulating reviews. This phenomenon sadly ends up with so many 4 and 5-star products that turn out to be garbage. 


Revioly's team has developed a browser extension empowered with Artificial Intelligence that studies a product's reviews, throws away the suspicious ones, and reveals the True Rating. But we didn't settle there. This extension has another feature called Global Pricing, through which you can know where else your favorite product is getting sold online and shop it from the store with the best price.

Revioly's "AI Shopping Assistant" works on every product page on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy's, and Home Depot.


Let's shop with confidence and trust.

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You got this!

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